At Capital School of English, we use a very student-centred approach to teaching. Our mini-stay groups and Young Learner Summer Programme use a task-based learning approach. Each week we focus on a different theme. Each theme has a different task (collaborative, productive outcome).  In task-based learning the focus is on ‘completing the task’, not on… View Article
At Capital School of English, we love any reason to come together and celebrate English culture or cultures from around the world, and it is even better if it involves food.  On September 28th we celebrated World Marmite Day with a taster session for our students.   We were very honest with them beforehand and… View Article
On June 2nd and 3rd the school was closed because everyone was given a bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Queen’s 70th anniversary on the throne.  Last week, we chose to celebrate the Jubilee with a classically British afternoon tea. First, the students had lots of fun doing a quiz about British culture. Then they were… View Article
Top learning tip: Read as much as you can!   Reading is one of the best ways to improve learners English for lots of reasons. It helps: improve reading speeds. to see language in context. develop vocabulary, grammar, writing. learner autonomy develop knowledge of other cultures. At Capital School of English, we support and encourage… View Article
Over the Christmas holidays many of our students stayed in Bournemouth with their homestays. They had a lovely time experiencing an English Christmas; which for most of them was the first time they had had a Christmas in a cold country and for some of them their first ever Christmas experience!  Christmas can be a sad and lonely time when you are away from your own family, but our homestays went above and beyond making our students part of the… View Article
Last week our students and staff went ice skating at the Bournemouth Winter Wonderland.  We all had an amazing time irrespective of our skating ability. It was an experience none of us will forget.   For most of our students from the Middle East and Panama this was their first-time ice skating! They were nervous and apprehensive at first. Initially they held on very tight with both… View Article
On November 24th Capital School of English celebrated its 18th birthday!! We had a little celebration with students, staff, and homestays.   Capital School of English has come a long way since the school opened its doors in 2003. Capital School of English started with 2 students, Ana from Spain and Luis from Mexico.  Over the years the school has grown, developed, and matured. Capital School of English has been on a journey. Below… View Article
We are proud to welcome Mohammed, from Saudi Arabia as Student Ambassador.   We are very excited to see how he excels and supports the school in this role. He is an excellent role model for all students, especially as he always tries to speak English. He feels that he must make the most of the opportunity… View Article
We are incredibly excited to have been selected to be part of the PRELIM 2 Project which aims to raise teachers’ confidence in the English Language classroom.   PRELIM – The Partnered Remote Language Improvement Project – is a joint initiative from British Council, IATEFL and English UK. We look forward to building a great relationship with everyone… View Article