One step at a time

Last week our students and staff went ice skating at the Bournemouth Winter Wonderland. 
We all had an amazing time irrespective of our skating ability. It was an experience none of us will forget.  

For most of our students from the Middle East and Panama this was their first-time ice skating! They were nervous and apprehensive at first. Initially they held on very tight with both hands to the side and moved their feet just a little. 
Slowly though they gained a little confidence, took one hand off the side and took bigger steps. 
When offered a supporting hand they took it and let go of the side. Within an hour of skating most were able to skate about on their own. 
This experience highlighted that with any new skill it takes time, confidence, and support from others.  

At Capital School of English this is the same as how we feel learning English. So, take to the ice or classroom and give it a go. For more information contact us on