324 Wimborne Road BH9 2HH

The main site for Capital School of English is at 324 Wimborne Road, BH9 2HH. It is in a neighbourhood called Winton. It is close to shops, restaurants, cafes, both local universities, residential homes, the town centre and the beach.

The school is in a beautiful old, historical building, which used to be a bank. It has been refurbished to become Capital School of English, but many of our rooms still have some original features, such as a fireplace and vault.

Capital School Tour

Facilities at 324 Wimborne Road

Functional classrooms with a mixture of old and new features, from fireplaces to interactive, smart TVs

Self-Study Centre, which is open to students all day and has a member of staff available to help at set times/days

Comfortable student lounges (The Basement & The Loft) with TV, gaming consoles, football table and board games, and outdoor space (The Patio)


Drinking Water

Extra Sites (Summer only)

Capital School of English uses extra facilities at Bournemouth University in the summer.

The university is a short walk from Capital School of English, 324 Wimborne Road, (approximately 10 minutes) or a short bus ride (approximately 4 minutes).

Courses (for students aged 16+) in the summer are at both, 324 Wimborne Road and the university. You will usually only have lessons at one; but can use the facilities at both.

Fusion Building Introduction

Facilities at the University

Modern and spacious classrooms

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On campus cafรฉs and restaurants

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On campus Sports Hall and Gym

Video Tour

Open spaces to relax and socialise

Free WiFi

Drinking Water

The lessons and teachers here are really nice. You understand everything very well and they explain everything clearly. Iโ€™ve only been here one week and Iโ€™ve already learned so much!


I really like the activities because you can meet the other guys from other countries and you can also see the English culture.


I really like staying with my homestay family because I can practice my English with spontaneous conversations. It really helps me to improve my English.