Our Teaching & Learning Principles

Learning Environment

Teachers will ensure learners are engaged and create a safe, secure and positive learning environment by effective management of learning activities and interactions.

Progression & Feedback

Teachers will provide appropriate and timely feedback, assessment and evaluation of learners.(Feedback, error correction etc. on spoken and written production, conducting progress tests, weekly skills-based tests, tutorials, weekly reflections).

Awareness & Autonomy

Teachers will ensure the learning outcomes are made known to the students (weekly checklists are given to students), incorporate extensive reading into the course, and encourage self-study.

Meeting Expectations

Teachers will plan, prepare and deliver lessons with appropriate language to meet the level, age, cultural background, learning needs, course type and duration of enrolment of the learners, and the learning objectives of the specific course to ensure learning takes place.

Reflection & Review

Teachers will devote time to reviewing previously learnt target language and skills by following the school’s 3 step approach to REVIEW: Daily Review, Check Understanding and Weekly Reflections (supported by the Weekly Checklists).

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My English has improved here. We have friendly teachers and good lessons!


I really like the activities because you can meet the other guys from other countries and you can also see the English culture.


The lessons and teachers here are really nice. You understand everything very well and they explain everything clearly. I鈥檝e only been here one week and I鈥檝e already learned so much!


All the sessions were perfect! I was really glad to participate in all of these sessions. Our tutor was great! Everything was interesting and productive. I’m looking forward to the same sessions in future.