A home away from home

Over the Christmas holidays many of our students stayed in Bournemouth with their homestays. They had a lovely time experiencing an English Christmas; which for most of them was the first time they had had a Christmas in a cold country and for some of them their first ever Christmas experience! 

Christmas can be a sad and lonely time when you are away from your own family, but our homestays went above and beyond making our students part of the family and sharing their family Christmas traditions with them. The memories of their Christmas in England will be something they will keep for the rest of their lives.  

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing homestays we have and everything they do for our students. Our homestays play an important part in our students’ experience with us.  

About 98% of students who book a language course with us also stay in one of our homestays. Living with a homestay can be a daunting experience; living in someone else’s home in a different country with a difficult culture. But for this reason, it can also be the best experience. Our students pick up language that doesn’t come up in English language coursebooks, like “brussel spout” or “pigs in blankets” while they are around the dinner table, they watch British TV shows with their homestays they wouldn’t normally watch, and they become part of their homestay family.  

These memories of living with an English family will be with them forever.