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General English: Young Adult

All levels from Elementary to Proficiency

A topic led; project-based course designed to encourage communication.

Our Young Adult course is a project-based course designed to encourage communication and the use of English in natural situations in a creative and interactive environment. This course is perfect if you want to improve your everyday English, develop your confidence using everyday English and the necessary skills for effective communication alongside students of a similar age (16- to 19-year-olds).

Course Overview

  • 15 hours per week
  • Study General English for 3 hours a day using a coursebook
  • 3 hours per day either; morning (09:00-12:15) or in the afternoon (13:45-17:00)
Book Course
  • 18 hours 45 minutes per week.
  • Study General English for 3 hours per day on the project/topic. 
  • PLUS a 45-minute communication lesson (12:45-13:30).
  • 3 hours per day either in the morning (09:00-12:15) or in the afternoon (13:45-17:00) PLUS 45 minutes (12:45-13:30)
Book Course
Full Immersion
  • 30 hours per week
  • Study General English for 3 hours a day on the project/topic, and study General English for 3 hours per day using a coursebooks.

Please note: This course is not recommended for low level students.

  • 6 hours per day in the morning (09:00-12:15) and in the afternoon (13:45-17:00)
Book Course

Course Detail

A1 to C2
Minimum Age
16 - 19
Max Class Size
16 (Average: 10)
Course Length
Min 1 week

Course Dates

Our Young Adult course is only available during the summer term (July and August). You can start any Monday in the summer term.

Each week is a different topic/project. The language (grammar and vocabulary) you will learn is relevant to the topic and varies from level to level and with the age of the learners. You will work together through a series of activities to produce a weekly project which is shared in a presentation and/or show.

Course Description


  • All materials are included the price.


  • Each week you will work towards an ‘outcome’ to showcase your learning during the week. The ‘outcome’ could be a presentation, a film, a fashion show, a market stall, etc.


  • Regular homework

Course Objectives


  • Develop your confidence to speak in English inside and outside the classroom 
  • Develop all 4 of your language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)


  • Develop your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation
  • Develop your self-study skills so you can continue to learn English


  • Develop your 21st Century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, etc)

Additional Information

Young adults are able to join our extensive full day and evening summer social programme.

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