One-2-One Tuition

As an additional service, we are able to offer students the opportunity to have individual lessons with teachers from the school.

  • Bespoke courses tailor-made to individual needs
  • Individual attention focusing on linguistic weaknesses or areas of specific interest
  • Negotiate a timetable with the teacher
  • Flexible learning: explore language in context inside and outside the classroom
  • Can be combined with any other course
  • 2-to-1 also available: study with a friend or colleague

Course Description

1-2-1 On Demand

Study from 1 – 30 hours per week
Combine with any other course available

Available Monday – Friday; 9am – 5pm

All levels available, lessons to suit you


1-to- 1: £60 per hour
2-to-1: £80 per hour


Course Objectives

These will vary from individual to individual. The primary aim of these lessons is to develop any areas a learner feels they need to improve in.