Together at Capital

ā€˜Together at Capital:Ā Live, Study, Develop, Achieveā€™ has been designedĀ to underpin the mission statement of Capital School of English:

To provide an exceptional standard of English language education and to maximise the individual potential of each overseas student seeking assurances in terms of value, quality and opportunity.

We see each individual studentā€™s time at Capital School as a journey of educational, personal and cultural experience represented by the four words:

Live |Ā Study |Ā Develop |Ā Achieve

Every student at Capital School has the opportunity to:

Live amongst native speakers and experience the English language culture

We provide a unique opportunity for students to experience British culture first hand. By living with a Homestay providers, students are able to interact on a daily basis with native speakers, in an informal setting. They can observe how different, or similar, family relationships and dynamics, beliefs, traditions, meals and customs are, with those in their own countries. In school and in both halls of residence, students are exposed to a multi-cultural student body. Not only does this enhance their language learning opportunities, but it provides an arena for their personal development and an understanding of a multicultural society, thus preparing for their own futures in the competitive global market.

Study with expert teachers in a supportive atmosphere

The academic team at Capital School is professional, dynamic, experienced and well-versed in teaching students from multilingual backgrounds and cultures and with differing learning styles. There is an emphasis on planning lessons to match individual needs and aims.

Excellent use of a variety of resources promotes and supports learning, and all of ourĀ courses are extremely effective in supporting students’ skills development, enabling them to progress in their future careers and further studies.

Students are encouraged to discuss their learning with their teachers in an informal atmosphere in the first instance and the school actively promotes a warm, friendly atmosphere.

As well as academic staff, key support staff areĀ trained in safeguarding, first aid, extra-curricular activities and welfare.

Safety is at the forefront of all aspects of the Capital journey.

Develop their language skills and communicative confidence

English language classes at Capital have a strong focus on speaking skills and pronunciation. Our teachers have a sound knowledge of linguistic systems and teaching methodologies, and use a variety of activities and resources to support and promote communicative use of language. Students are set tasks and learning objectives which are clear and attainable.

Students also have the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills by interacting with teachers, students and social organisers when participating in our fun social calendar of activities.

Achieve their personal, academic or career goals

Each studentĀ at Capital School has a needs analysis and entrance test at the beginning of their English course which helps us class them correctly. Teachers use their skills and training to maximise each student’s individual potential and target any specific language problems. Programmes of learning are designed to meet studentsā€™ differing objectives whether it is to take and pass a public examination such as IELTS or CAE, to broaden their cultural experience, to gain employment or a promotion, or simply to enjoy their favourite novels or films in English.