Student Welfare

At Capital School of English we aim to ensure all our students study and live in a safe and inclusive environment. Being away from home can bring many challenges and at Capital School of English we have a number of trained staff who are on hand 24hrs/day to help and assist students with any problems or concerns they may have during their stay.
Students are often away from their families for the first time and we aim to provide our students with the very best care in and out of school.

ID Cards - Staff & Students

To maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students, all members of staff wear ID cards to identify themselves. In addition all students are
issued with their own ID cards. These cards are given to their teacher at the beginning of any class and are used to monitor a student’s attendance throughout their stay. On the reverse of all cards are the contact details for the school.

Each student receives individual ID card which includes the school contact details as well as our 24-hour emergency contact telephone number. Student ID cards must be handed to their teacher before class and also to the Academic Office when they are on site.

Over 18 Student ID Card
CSE ID Card- Contact Details

Under 18s

Part of our commitment to ensuring student safety is paying special attention to students under the age of 18. Students under 18 are, by law, classified as children and therefore we are required to monitor them throughout their time with us.
Under 18 students are
issued with orange ID cards so members of staff are aware of their age and also if they do not attend class.
In addition we have a dedicated Under 18 Welfare Officer who meets weekly with all Under 18 students to make sure they are happy with all elements of their stay

Under 18 ID Card
under 18 meeting
An under 18 welfare meeting in action

Keeping students safe

Every member of staff is here to help make any student’s experience as memorable as it can be. All members of the Capital School of English team have undergone Safeguard training to ensure they are aware of potential issues and how to deal with them in an effective way.

Fire & First Aid
All members of staff are trained to deal with situations involving fires. In addition, a number of our staff have a formal first aid certification.

Everyone is responsible for safeguarding

Staff Card Front
Capital School of English Staff Identity Card

Noticeboards & Monitors

Noticeboards & Monitors
To make students aware of who is here to help there are noticeboards throughout the school, including in every classroom to show students what to do if they need any help/assistance. Included on noticeboards are Fire safety and Health & Safety procedures.
We also have TV monitors around the school which show all the above information as well as the activities on offer and the age range for those who want to take part.

Private Fostering
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Documents & Policies

For parents / guardians

Step 1: Please read and understand all of the following documents.
Step 2: Please download and complete our Under 18 Parental Consent Form and return to us.

Email your Under 18 Parental Consent form to
Student Guide and Code of Conduct for Living with a Homestay Provider
Download here
Under 18 Parental Consent Form
Download here
Under 18 Photographic Release Form
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Student Code of Conduct for Under 18s
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Safeguarding Provisions for Under 18s

Risk Assessments
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Welfare Provisions
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Fire Safety
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Supervision Ratios
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First Aid & Medical
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Airport Transfers
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Missing students
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Under 18 Behaviour
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Vulnerable students
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Radicalisation & Extremism
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Safeguarding Policy
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Studying with us

Special Educational Needs & Disability
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Student Attendance Policy
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