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1 Personal Info
2 emergency Contact
3 Choice of course
4 insurance / visa
5 Where to stay
6 transport / submit
I am enrolling as...Please choose one

Have you studied at Capital School of English before?
Educational Tour Operator (ETO) Information
ETO Name
Your Full Name
ETO Reference Number
Personal Details
First Name
Surname/Family name
Over 18?Will you be over 18 at the start of your course?

Any student under the age of 18 traveling to Capital School of English must have a parent/guardian to complete and return our Parental Consent Form before starting any course.  The Parental Consent Form will be sent to you with your invoice.

Date of Birth

Passport/ID Number
Address in your countryPlease include zip code and country
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Phone Number*

Add a photo (optional)send us a picture of you to use on your student ID card
Upload photo (optional)
Nameyour full name
Some Title
Nameyour full name
Commentsmore details
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Add some text or HTML here
Next of Kin / Emergency Contact
First Name
Surname/Familly name

Phone Number*

Choice of Course
Course Start Date

Capital School of English does not guarantee classes in the morning or afternoon.  Students will be placed according to their Placement Test and class availability

All ENGLISH+ courses are subject to minimum student numbers

Are you intending on taking the Cambridge Exam?

A £100 course upgrade fee is applicable to all Cambridge English Exam Preparation Courses. You will be required to complete our Cambridge Pre-Test in order to take this course. Capital School of English will contact you with the information required.

Student Insurance
Do you require Student Travel Insurance?Studentguard+ Travel Insurance £5.65 per week
Have you had any medical conditions in the last 3 years OR are you waiting for more treatment?
Please provide the name, address and contact telephone number of your doctor or hospital
0 /
Medical Conditions
Do you have any existing medical conditions?
Please tell us what condition you have and any medication you requireWe may need a medical certificate
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Visa Students
Do you require a visa to come to the U.K.?
Short Term Visitor Visa Express Mail Service


All FUTURE SUCCESS courses are 2 weeks in length.

If you are booking additional General English courses before or after your FUTURE SUCCESS course please select the TOTAL number of weeks you will be studying.

Would you like Capital School of English to arrange any of the following accommodation for you?


Sunday 1st July – Saturday 25th August 2018. 

All rooms contain 1 double bed, are en-suite and have their own cooking facilities.

All rooms are subject to availability.


Please provide us with your UK address
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Room Type
Residential Room Type
If Twin name of additional person
If double name of additional personthis person MUST BE a student studying at Capital School of English
Do have any allergies or medical conditions?
What allergies/medical conditions do you have?We will require medical proof
Do have special dietary requirements?
PetsAre you allergic to any pets? If yes, we will require a doctor's certificate.
Which pets are you allergic to?
0 /

If you require a visa to come to the U.K.

Please supply the school with proof either by email (scanned copy) to info@capitalschool.co.uk or by fax (+44 1202 546873)

Student Visitor Visa Obligation:

It is the responsibility of the Visa National student to obtain the necessary visa in order to study in the UK for courses 1 to 24 weeks and 24 weeks to 44 weeks.

Do you require Capital School of English to arrange a taxi from the airport to Bournemouth?
Please tell us which airport
How did you hear about Capital School of English?Select as many as you wish


Please tell us below if you would like any additional English courses before or after your FUTURE SUCCESS course

Additional Comments or Promotional CodesPlease enter any comments/codes here
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