General English

Our General English courses aim at improving all aspects of learners’ English.

“develop learners’ language skills and awareness of British culture and¬†encourage learners to take control of their learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.”

Why General English?
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(15 hours per week)
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(18.75 hours per week)
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Full Immersion
(30 hours per week)
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Please note: Capital School of English does not guarantee morning or afternoon classes. Students are placed in the most suitable class based on their placement test & class availability. If you are studying on a Standard or ENGLISH+ Course, your lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.

Standard English+ Full Immersion

Additional Benefits

All our General English courses include the following:

  • Use of¬†course books and materials.
  • Additional materials and activities, including computer-based activities and games.
  • Progress tests every 4 weeks to monitor your development.
  • One-to-one tutorials with your teacher every 4 weeks to discuss all aspects of your stay.
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