Capital School of English meet and greet


Capital School of English offers the opportunity to fully immerse in English culture and practise language skills outside the classroom. An ever-varied Social Programme of inclusion ensures there is something for everyone, maximising study potential through fun and fulfilling experiences.


From Film Nights to Skydives and all that falls between, land, sea and air, we have it covered! A minimum of 3 activities per week including arts, music, games, sports, food, travel and more, everything from the calm to the exhilarating, there is always something social to get involved in; providing great opportunity to meet friends and enjoy the studious journey to success!
Without fun there would be no study.

7 incredible miles of golden sandy beaches? 95 magnificent miles of coastline? 100 outstanding square miles of forest? It's here. Natural beauty is a vocation for southerners, and it's right there when you wish to step out of the cosmopolitan culture of Bournemouth and its diverse offerings.

Explore further...

If it's not on the Social Programme, many rural, urban, local, national and international guided trips can be booked at ease. Be it the hustle and history of London, Oxford or Bath, or the beauty and intrigue of Stonehenge, the Jurassic Coast or The New Forest, there is so much to see and do from our pivotal location.

Independent experiences...

Your freedom and independence is harnessed with our Student Services team, offering guidance on how to book easy-to-access public transport links, joining gyms and recommendations on many other leisure activities, enabling full immersion into British culture, and the supportive-to-language-learning values that become a fun-filled formality of healthy integration.