Accommodation Fees 2017 Capital School of English

Homestay Accommodation Prices

All prices quoted are  PER WEEK

A non-refundable arrangement fee of £60  is required for providing homestay accommodation.

For more information about homestay acccommodation click here

Students 16+ Low Season
3rd January 2017 to 17th June 2017;
27th August 2017 – 22nd December 2017
Summer/High Season
18th June 2017
to 26th August 2017
Single £125 £150
Twin/Double(2) £110 £125
Bed and Breakfast
(18+, single room only)
£90 £100
Holiday Retainer(1) £70 (Single)
£60 (Twin)
£80 (Single)
£70 (Twin)
Extra Night £25 (Single)
£20 (Twin)
Not applicable (3)
Ensuite (16+) £190 £195
Special Diet Supplement £20 per week of stay
Will be charged for special diet requests such as: Vegetarian, Pescavarian, Celiac, Gluten Free, Nut allergies, Lactose Intolerant and Diabetic (excludes Halal meat, homestay providers will provide a pork-free diet instead)
Christmas Supplement £85 per week
This additional charge is only for students staying with a homestay provider during the Christmas period and only applies for 1 week from 24th December 2017 to 31st December 2017

(1) Holiday Retainer fees apply when the student is away for a full week and the homestay provider has been informed at least one week in advance. If the student is away for a few days a full week’s payment still applies.

(2) Twin rooms are only available if the student is accompanied by a friend or relative.

(3) During the summer season arrivals must be on Sundays only. Homestay providers are not able to accommodate extra nights unless one full week’s payment is received. If students arrive on a different day then other accommodation may need to be found and paid for independently.


Summer Adult Residential Prices

All prices quoted are PER WEEK

A non-refundable arrangement fee of £60  is required for providing residential accommodation.

All rooms contain 1 double bed, are en-suite with their own cooking facilities. The School reserves the right to place students in any of its Summer Adult Residences and this is dependent on availability. Suitable for students age 18 and over only. Please note that our town centre residence may require a student to buy a local bus card for ease of travel. These can be bought on arrival at the residence or on the first day at school

For more information about our summer residential accommodation click here

Adult Residential
Accommodation (18+)
Summer/High Season  
Sunday 25th June – Sunday 27th August
Single (1 person) £170
Double (2 people)* £260
  • *both people must be registered and studying at Capital School of English
  • A £100 returnable cash only deposit will be required on arrival for your key.
  • Arrival and departure must be on Sunday. Extra nights are charged as a full week.
  • Accommodation fees must be paid in full, in advance for the whole of the stay.